Why is Palmyrene Voices necessary?

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered one of the most beautiful ruined cities in the Middle East. Palmyra’s outstanding universal value is a testimony of the unique aesthetic achievement of the wealthy caravan oasis from the Roman period.

Our Vision

Palmyrene Voices is a civil society initiative whose mission is to provide a platform for the voices of the Palmyrene people to reach the international community; to support all Palmyrene people in the diaspora in their efforts to come back to Palmyra; and to help them to rebuild their city in a way that guarantees their dignity and preserves their identity.

Heritage For Peace

The Palmyrene Voices Initiative was established by the international organization Heritage for Peace, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support all countries in conflict in their efforts to protect and safeguard cultural heritage during the armed conflict.

Our Projects

After 2023 Earthquake

The humanitarian situation, in northern Syria and Turkey, that received the greatest share of damage.

HandCrafts From Palmyra

Many other handicrafts were practiced in Palmyra, but we have no information about them, and could not locate craftspeople who practiced them.

Interactive Map

We have also created a coordination group that includes the Palmyrene people, in order to look at particular issues that interest the Palmyrene refugees.

Fighting illicit traffic

The project is a first step and will be focused on creating a database of looted Palmyrene objects.

The February 6 earthquake created a new catastrophe sweeping the Palmyrene community in the diaspora.

The cultural heritage in Turkey and Syria also suffered catastrophic damage affecting the historical and archaeological sites in the northeast, northwest, and costal region of Syria. Syria’s Cultural heritage has long been under threat due to the ongoing conflict as well as the negative effects of climate change resulting in weakened structures.

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