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Handloom profession

لنول هو الآلة التي يستخدمها النساج لإنتاج قماش منسوج، ويختلف شكل النول وحجمه ومكوناته (عناصره) تبعا لمساحة المنتج ومواصفاته ويمكن تصنيف الأنوال الأساسية للنسيج اليدوي الى أنوال بسيطة وأنوال المعلقات والبسط والسجاد وأنوال المنضدة وأنوال الأرضية التي استخدمها البدو لصنع بيت الشعر ونول الرسم ونول الجاكارد

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The Craft of Shoemaking and Leather Products

Leatherworking is one of the oldest crafts known to humanity. People have long benefited from animal hides, whether from animals they consumed or other deceased creatures. These hides were transformed into clothing and shoes, providing protection against cold weather and the harsh elements of nature. In modern times, leatherworking has expanded significantly. It encompasses the production of shoes, bags, belts, and various other accessories needed for daily life.

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Crocheting Wool Clothes in Palmyra

Crocheting, also known as “ta’qif” or “crochet,” is a craft that originated in France and has since spread to other countries. It can be defined as the process of knitting or looping yarn with small needles, specifically a hooked needle called a “crochet hook.” The fabric produced by crocheting is called “mu’aqqafah.” The yarns used are varied, and the materials used range from cotton to wool, silk, and others.

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