Our Projects

Fighting illicit traffic to return Palmyra’s looted objects – in development

This project will comprise an investigation into the looting and illicit trade of Palmyra antiquities in the last 40 years, but particularly since the outbreak of civil conflict in 2011. Work will focus on developing and implementing methods for producing reliable documentation of looting and trafficking that might enable better, evidence-based, policy-making, and support more effective practical actions. Read More.

Interactive map of Palmyrene people in the diaspora

This project aims to conduct a census of the diaspora Palmyrene people in Turkey. We have also created a coordination group that includes the Palmyrene people, in order to look at particular issues that interest the Palmyrene refugees. Read More.

Supporting diaspora artisans from Palmyra

In 25 June 2020, YETIM SULTAN HAYIR İŞLERİ DERNEĞİ applied for funding from the ALIPH Foundation, within the framework of the 2020-1876 COVID-19 Emergency Grant, to be able to create a small income-generating project for refugee artisans from Palmyra. We chose just eight craftsmen and women who suffer economically, due to the lack of income, and whose crafts are in danger of disappearing.Read More.

The February 6 earthquake created a new catastrophe sweeping the Palmyrene community in the diaspora.

On the morning of February 6, a huge (magnitude of 7.8) earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria closely followed by numerous aftershocks – including one that was almost as large as the first. More than 46,000 people have died and at least 110,000 are injured with rescuers racing to pull survivors from beneath the rubble.Read More.