Our Team

Our Team

Reachers ,Archaeologists ,Architects and Filmmakers

From weathered stones to whispered stories, you bridge the gap between past and present. Together, archaeologists, architects, filmmakers, and reachers, you meticulously piece together Palmyra's heritage, ensuring its legacy echoes through time for generations to come.

Ahmad Alkhanee

Country: Istanbul , Turkey

Dr. Isber Sabrine

Country: Barcelona , Spain
EO of Heritage for Peace, and co-founder of the Palmyrene Voices of Initiative

Hasan Ali

Country: Istanbul , Turkey
Director of Projects and Co-founder

Lamis Kadah

Country: Istanbul, Turkey
Architect and Researcher

Yousef Awad

Country: Dubai , UAE
Yousef Awad

Othman Al Karkokli

Country: Berlin, Germany
Translator and social media manger

Dr. Matteo Berzi

Country: Barcelona , Spain
GIS expert
Advisory Committee