Director of Projects and Co-founder
Country: Istanbul , Turkey
Brief info

Hasan Ali is from the city of Palmyra. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology from Damascus University, Syria (2003). He worked for the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria, in the Palmyra Museum in excavations and documentation works for the archaeological sites and buildings in the Syrian Badia (desert). In 2015, like many local residents, Hasan Ali fled from Palmyra to Turkey due to the ISIS invasion of Palmyra. He was greatly affected by the incidents of destruction, looting, and sabotage of the heritage of his city Palmyra, and was determined to cause a change in the course of events when he began working to document and record memories of the former residents. He became a steward of cultural heritage at the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul in 2016, through which he got the chance to intensify his fieldwork among the Tadmuri community in Turkey.