Our Story

Why is Palmyrene Voices necessary?

Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered one of the most beautiful ruined cities in the Middle East. Palmyra’s outstanding universal value is a testimony of the unique aesthetic achievement of the wealthy caravan oasis from the Roman period. The grand colonnade is just one example of the many structures that represent major artistic development. It illustrates an important example of architecture and urban layout at the peak of Rome’s expansion in and engagement with the East. The great Temple of Ba’al is considered one of the most important religious buildings of the 1st century AD in the East and is of unique design. The funerary monuments located in the Valley of the Tombs and the necropolises represent distinctive decoration and construction. Palmyra is a symbol of Syrian identity, thus it represents a value that extends beyond the purely cultural and artistic dimension



What are our objectives

* To convey the voice of the Palmyrene people to the international community
* To preserve the memory of Palmyra’s people along with their cultural and natural heritage
* To provide a safe road for the return of the Palmyrene people to Palmyra
* To preserve the links between Palmyrene people wherever they are
* To help to provide job opportunities for Palmyrene people in the diaspora
* To present the voices of the Palmyrene people in the reconstruction of Palmyra where they will be able to join in the discussions about its reconstruction