Architect and Researcher
Country: Istanbul, Turkey
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Lamis Kadah
2010: Bachelor of Engineering from the International University of Science and Technology, Damascus
2010: Award Winner at WORLD ARCHITECTURE WA 2010 8th Edition (
2016-2019: Winner of the Research Award in
Custodians of cultural heritage/the relationship between cultural heritage and refugee children. How to integrate cultural heritage into the educational system. And work to develop products (games, applications, children’s books, etc.) that strengthen the relationship between Syrian refugee children and Syria.
2016: Diploma from the THADIR program. The program focused on teaching and preparing Syrians from various disciplines to work on the necessary plans for Syria's future after the war.
2014-2016: Volunteering in the This is My Life group that works with Syrian children in Istanbul, supporting Syrian families. We mainly try to help children continue their studies and return to school, and support those who need psychological support.