Yousef Awad
Country: Dubai , UAE
Brief info

Youssef Awad is a highly skilled Syrian architect and architectural conservationist with a deep passion for preserving cultural heritage. Over the past five years, he has been actively involved in numerous environmental conservation projects, demonstrating his practical experience and dedication to the field. Through his participation in these projects, Awad gained valuable practical knowledge in implementing conservation techniques and strategies to protect and restore cultural heritage sites.

Currently working as a volunteer researcher and project assistant at Heritage for Peace and the Arab Network for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (ANSCH), Awad has contributed his expertise to several initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting cultural heritage in conflict-affected areas. His active participation in these projects has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in preserving cultural heritage in diverse contexts.

In addition, as a member and Chair of the Climate Change Committee of ICOMOS-Jordan, Awad has been actively involved in addressing the impact of climate change on natural and cultural heritage. Through his participation in this committee, he collaborated with experts and stakeholders to develop strategies and initiatives that mitigate the effects of climate change on heritage sites and promote sustainable conservation practices.

Youssef Awad's extensive experience in heritage preservation projects, coupled with his passion and commitment, make him a valuable asset to this project focused on cultural heritage preservation. His practical knowledge, combined with his academic background in architecture and heritage conservation, equips him with a comprehensive skill set to effectively contribute to the documentation of Palmyra wool and leather products from Awassi sheep in diaspora countries.